First Insurance on Blockchain.

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Confirmed Listings with Exchanges - More to Come Soon!


Gaining Global Recognition


Why Choose Memereum?

MemeSwaptrade. safu.
We're introducing our own exchange, MemeSwap, offering insurance for coins approved and active on our platform.

*Underwriting Criteria Applies, Read More in Our Insurance Page.
Experienced Team
With our experienced team, $MEME is poised to become the leading provider of insurance coins, pioneering as the world's first.
Audited Project
We've conducted an audit of our project with BlockSafu, a reputable Blockchain Auditing Firm.
Four Exchangesprelisted.
Already Prelisted on Four Exchanges and Counting. We strive on delivering even before launch, ensuring our community benefits and is confident in Memereum's potential even before launch.
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Token Distribution

Memereum ensures a fair and strategic distribution to fuel its ecosystem's growth.


To Be Burned


Total Supply



Secured by the MEME.

Memereum offers comprehensive insurance coverage for a wide range of valuable assets, including digital coins, fiat currency, and precious metals, safeguarding against potential loss of value or volatility.

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Our Roadmap

Phase 1 - Concept

A concept of Memereum is created.
Website is live.
Social Media is launched.

Phase 2 - Presale Launch

ICO Launched.
Community Building

Phase 3 - Marketing

Major News Outlets
Influencer Marketing
More Marketing
Exchanges Onboard

Phase 4 - Listing

Launch on MemeSwap & PancakeSwap and CEX's

Phase 5 - Insurance & NFT

MEME Insurance Plans Activated
NFT Distribution to Holders

Phase 6 - Lending/MemeCard

MemeCard Application & Distribution Open

Meet the Team

Meet the team behind the scenes.

Oliver Sanchez


After years in banking, Oliver recognized the potential of decentralized finance. He's contributed to top blockchain assets and earned awards for his expertise. He combines traditional and innovative approaches, emphasizing collaboration and empathy. Outside work, his adventurous spirit complements his role as a mentor.

Cameron W

Chief Technology Officer

Seasoned expert in the IT and Digital Technology Sector! With years of experience under his belt, Cameron has harbored a deep-seated ambition for the Blockchain technology industry. His expertise and passion make him an invaluable asset to our team as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

Elenaor P

Community Lead

With a passion for fostering connections and building strong communities, Elenaor brings energy and dedication to our team. Her commitment to engaging and supporting our community ensures that every member feels valued and empowered.

Bessie C

Marketing Lead

With a background in SMMA agency work focused on eCommerce, Bessie discovered a passion for the blockchain world and never looked back. Joining our team, Bessie brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to drive our marketing efforts forward.

Darlene D

Head of Insurance

With a wealth of experience in the insurance industry, Darlene brings expertise and innovation to our team. His dedication to providing comprehensive coverage and tailored solutions ensures that our clients are protected every step of the way.

Spoken by Many

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Memereum.
When Launch?
Presale Ends: 31st August 2024. Launch Price: $0.45

I cannot see my staking rewards, why is that?
If you cannot see your staking rewards, don't panic. The team can see everything internally and you will be sent the correct amount once your tokens are unstaked.
How Can I Buy?
Click on Buy Now/Presale Button in the Menu on Top and you will be redirected to our presale portal.
How can I claim my MEME tokens?
When you purchase MEME tokens in our presale, they are automatically staked at 183% APR. If you would like to withdraw tokens earlier however, transacting 0.003BNB on the presale portal will activate withdrawal of your balance into your Decentralised Wallet. Please note after withdrawing you will no longer be staking your Presale Purchase. A post launch staking option will be available after launch.
My Staking Rewards are not increasing in my balance upon checking?
If your staking rewards are not increasing, this is caused by a cache issue. Try clearing your cache and try again, if the problem still persists, please note that when you withdraw tokens, you will get the staked amount automatically, even if you cannot see this reflected on the dApp.
Is Memereum Audited?
Yes! Our project and team have been audited by BlockSafu and you can read the result on the BlockSafu Website Here.

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Where can i contact the Memereum Team?
You can contact us on via our Telegram Group or by emailing: