How to Earn Free USDT/MEME with Memereum

Part 1: Connect Your Wallet and Check your Rank

1. Go to the buy page on Memereum’s website.

2. Click on “Connect Wallet”

Connect your wallet using MetaMask Extension (PC) or QR Code (Mobile), you can also use TrustWallet.

After you connected your wallet, check your rank:

Your rank is based on the amount of MEME that you purchased in dollar value.

Here is a table of the ranks:

Goldfish (Rank 5): $0 - $100: 5% Referral Bonus

Salmon (Rank 4): $100 - $999: 10% Referral Bonus

Tuna (Rank 3): $1,000 - $5,000: 15% Referral Bonus

Shark (Rank 2): $5,000 - $9,999: 20% Referral Bonus

Whale (Rank 1): $10,000+: 25% Referral Bonus

Part 2: Get your Referral Link

1. “Your Referral Link” Pop-Up will open.

IMPORTANT: by default when someone buys using your referral link - you get paid in MEME!

Step 3: How to Switch to USDT Payouts?

1. Click on this pop-up “Switch to USDT Rewards”

2. Quickly Complete The Quest on Zealy - submit your BSC Wallet Address that you connected to the presale page to get referral link to INSTANTLY switch to USDT Payouts.

Step 4: Share Your Link

Share Your Link on Social Media/Friends/Family and get paid automatically within 24 hours to your wallet!

Please note: they must use your referral link to make a purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions - Rewards

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