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We provide comprehensive insurance coverage for a myriad of digital coins, safeguarding against potential loss of value or ruggedness. Our insurance extends to specific notes and coins globally, protecting against inflation and mitigating the risk of depreciation against the USD. Bid farewell to concerns about currency devaluation – simply check the availability for your preferred currency. We offer insurance for a wide range of metal coins, including silver, gold, and antique coins. Explore the possibilities of coverage for your precious holdings.

Fast Payout Time

In the event of a Memereum Insurance Claim against all insured assets, including Rugpull Projects, crypto, and fiat depreciation, most claims will typically take up to 3 to 5 business days to be paid out.

Supported Countries for Fiat Insurance

Venezuela, Zimbabwe , Argentina, Sudan, Turkey, Brazil, Sierra Leone.

More currencies will be added soon

Supported Countries for Digital Asset (Crypto) Insurance

All Countries, Local Law Applies.

Supported Countries for Physical Asset Insurance

All Countries, Local Law Applies.

Minimum Investment Requirement

10% of the Insured Value

Insurance Disclaimer

All insurance policies must adhere to Memereum's comprehensive terms and conditions, ensuring compliance with the specified insurance requirements. Additionally, they must satisfy acceptance criteria as part of the rigorous underwriting process applied to all policy applications.Full T&C , acceptance criteria and under writing requirements will be published later.


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