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Memereum Card

Introducing Memereum DeFi Card, the global solution for seamless transactions powered by your MEME balance. It’s a breakthrough in financial accessibility and security. Our card offers privacy-focused transactions without the need for Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

Confidential Transactions

Conduct transactions discreetly, bypassing the requirement for KYC procedures.

Versatile Utility

Ideal for a diverse range of transactions, spanning from online purchases to dining engagements.

Global Accessibility

Seamlessly operable both domestically and internationally.

Efficient and Secure Transactions

Experience expedited and dependable payment processing.

ATM Convenience

Withdraw funds from ATMs across the globe.

Advanced Security Protocols

Ensure transaction confidentiality and safety with funds securely stored in Memereum's non-custodial DeFi wallet.

Rewarding Incentives

Participate in a rewards program designed to convert expenditures into earnings.

Exclusive Privileges

Enjoy complimentary benefits, including global airport lounge access.

Incentives and Tiered Structure

Discover unparalleled benefits with Memereum's DeFi Debit Cards, emblematic of genuine financial autonomy. Our tiered framework – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – enhances every transaction by providing escalating cashback rewards. Silver tier users receive a 3% cashback, Gold members enjoy 5%, and Platinum cardholders lead with a substantial 9% cashback.


The new Memereum Card

Introducing Memereum Card, the global solution for seamless transactions powered by your MEME balance. With Memereum Card, users can unlock a world of possibilities, enjoying the convenience of utilizing their MEME tokens for purchases worldwide.

Accessible to users across the globe, Memereum Card empowers individuals to leverage their MEME balance for everyday transactions, whether it's shopping online, dining out, or traveling abroad. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional payment methods and embrace the freedom and flexibility that Memereum Card offers.

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